panasonic lcd rear projection 60 inch tv..model #PT-60LCX64..Is this a good tv? Any problems? Lamp problems?

I bought the tv back in march of 06, and I have not had any problems with it yet. But I have heard people are having lamp issues with it, so I am worried that I may have the same problems. I bought it for 2500, and was wondering if you guys think it was a good deal at the time. I bought it at costco and it came with the stand. I am curious also if that model was the correct one for the time I bought it. Which was march of 06. I hear people saying that they bought there in mid 05, and was wondering if I bought a year old model that I payed the full price for. Anyone who has either bought this tv or has info on it info on it, I would like your thoughts..Thank you very much

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One Response to “panasonic lcd rear projection 60 inch tv..model #PT-60LCX64..Is this a good tv? Any problems? Lamp problems?”

  1. TV TECH-manĀ® says:

    Sounds like a GOOD DEAL….

    EVERY Projection will require a LAMP or Two in it’s lifetime….

    I suspect Three total ….

    So that makes it about every 3 years….
    The good thing is the Panasonic LAMPs dropped from $500 to $300…

    They’ll probably drop some more….

    As for Date of purchase….C’mon…TV models are sold for a FULL YEAR…..not 2 months

    Mid ’05….March ’06 You don’t have a full year there…..
    And you BOUGHT it….You must have thought it was a DEAL then…

    SO… you “FEEL” ripped off and want a FREE TV out of the whole deal?
    The law isn’t on your side……

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