My tv screen has small white spots on it? Looks like light is shining through?

Hi! I have a 57″ Mitsubishi 1080P High definition projection screen tv. It is two years old and has had the bulb replaced last year because it went out. A couple of days ago, I noticed a small white spot on the tv screen, it looks like light is shining through the screen, which doesn’t make sense since it is a projection tv? Within a few hours there were two spots, then 3! Today when I turned on the TV, there was 6 spots! I dont know what could be wrong with it, anybody ever had this happen before? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
No, the spots don’t move or flicker or anything. And they are always there, Ive tried turning the tv off then back on but that doesn’t do anything..

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3 Responses to “My tv screen has small white spots on it? Looks like light is shining through?”

  1. Mimi says:

    Do the spots move or change? If not, they could be blown pixels, and unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about that.

  2. mr217shoestospare says:

    Wow-sorry to hear that. My first thought was damage to the screen from using harsh cleaners but since it’s a projection TV and the spots are multiplying it sounds like there’s an issue with the display process degrading. The bulb going out and being replaced recently probably has nothing to do with it. I’d try contacting Mitsubishi customer service at or calling them at 888-307-0309. Since it’s probably out of warranty (unless you paid for an extended plan) the repair costs are going to come out of your pocket-that’s why I’m suggesting calling/emailing/etc. first before you move that huge thing. I feel for ya-got a big screen about the same that’s about 4 years old and not sure what I’ll do if it goes bad. Good luck.

  3. Rachael says:

    I have light spots on my Toshiba tv. We replaced a light a few months before the light spots showed up. I was told that it was designed that way to make consumers spend money on parts.

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