My rear projection TV is not working right.?

I think the mirror for the red lamp is out of place or shape. I’ve already called samsung, its out of warranty. Anyone know what I could do to fix it?

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  1. ground_control_to_reality_check says:

    you’ll need to calibrate the guns .( crt lamps) if it’s a 3 crt system ( red,blue,green).YOu’ll need to use your remote to do that and the instructions on Samsung’s website for your particular model .OR save yourself trouble and just call a technician .

  2. richard r says:

    you have to do a convergence on the set of crt big screen most check up 64 points on the mirror to line up the guns so little crosses appear and you line all 3 up most takes about 1 min

  3. Edwin O says:

    Yeah buy a new one.

  4. megan n says:

    the convergence output IC’s have failed. There are two IC’s and each of them have three outputs, for a total of six. there are thre picture tubes in your TV, red, green and blue. And each tube needs two convergence inputs from these IC’s (one is horizontal and the other is vertical). When one stage is bad then the associated tube (red in your case) will have errors in the direction of the output (horizontal or vertical). Any local shop can replace the IC’s and sometimes an associated resistor is damaged. The IC is probably a STK392-110 and it will cost about $40. They should replace both of them since they are the same age, and the resistors are less than $5. Labor differs from shop to shop, so call around, But this info should help you weed out the wanna-be repairmen from those who are legit. Since it’s a samsung the tech may want to replace the convergence output board, and this isn’t a bad idea, that way every component is new. These circuits go bad after usage and it’s very common.

  5. reggieman says:

    So your red is all “bent and twisted” isn’t it………
    Your mirror is ok, it’s your convergence amplifiers that need replacement….that’s normal for 93% of Samsungs I’ve repaired.

    But I did have a couple units where the digital convergence generator module went bad.

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