Mitsubishi WD52528 52″ Projection TV has black screen with sound?

Hello! I have a Mitsubishi WD52528 52″ Projection TV. When i turned it on just now I get no video. The screen turns a a dark black, but brighter than when it is off. However I still get sound out of the TX, and all the functions seem to be working from what I can tell as well. Whats wrong? How much will this cost to fix? Any trouble shooting idea?


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  1. Michael says:

    Check to make sure all of your connections are right. And unplug it for a few mins and plug it back in.

    You need to make sure that you do not have something set wrong or have it on the wrong input.

    If its still doing it then it has some type of video problem and someone needs to check it. No way to give a estimate without someone looking at it. I would suggest you call a shop and see what they charge for an estimate. Also ask if it would be less if you take it in.

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