How do you reset the lamp for panasonic rear projection TV?

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  1. jimmyjackfunk31 says:

    of all the rear projections i have seen and taken apart, they have three lamps not just one. but anyway, i don’t think you can reset it but sometimes they can be adjusted. if it can’t be adjusted you might have to get a new lamp installed.

  2. d3v10u5b0y says:

    You mean physically replace the lamp or reset the lamp timer?

    To replace the lamp, you unplug the TV, take the front cover off of the TV under the screen, open the little door, unscrew a screw, then pull a handle that will pull out the entire lamp assembly.

    Shove the new lamp assembly in place, reattach the screw, shut the door, snap the panel back on, and fire it up.

    To reset the lamp timer you have to have your TV remote (not a universal – the original remote). Turn the TV on and wait for the lamp timer reset message to disappear or push Exit on the remote (or any button similar to exit, depending on the model).

    Then, simultaneously press and hold the VOL- button on the TV and the PIP button on the remote at the same time (usually near the bottom left of the remote). On some models it is the SPLIT button instead.

    IRT the other answer, there are more than one type of rear projection television. The one’s you have seen with three lamps are CRT-based and have one CRT for each primary color of red, green, and blue. Panasonic no longer makes these and any issues with the lamps must be referred to an authorized servicer. Therefore, I conclude in this case that the question is in reference to a DLP or LCD rear projection display.

  3. Matt says:

    I have the same tv. Paid 2500 too. This freakin TV is Awesome baby… I just replaced the lamp got it for 90 off ebay. It was easy. This tv off my hd Sat dish still puts a lot of flat screens to shame. Panasonic is bad ass. This 60 screen is sweet baby. Oh did I say sweet. I would trade it for nothing. The HD sound is second to none also.

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