How do I clean the front of my big screen rear projection tv? It has kid goo on it!?

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  1. Thinkenstein says:

    If the set has no screen protector you “should” only use water and a soft cloth. If you have to you can use highly diluted dishwashing liquid and even try some white vinegar. Clean with the grooves. If the set has a screen protector (most do these days) you can even use a window cleaner on it for a particularly bad problem. Salesmen use window cleaner at stores all the time even though they shouldn’t. You should Not make a habit out of using anything other than water and a soft cloth, however. Solvents will turn the color of the screen or its protector if used too often. Everyone I know (including myself) that has sold the the expensive “big screen cleaners” thinks they are a rip-off. You can be sure the plastic bottles they come in cost much more to the manufacturer than the cheap solutions they put inside of them. Call around and ask service techs, salesmen, and installers what they USE.

  2. Butter says:

    Dont listen to the window cleaner suggestion it can harm your tv

    ONLY USE MONSTER SCREEN CLEANER, it costs $30 but one bottle will last you years. It comes with a microfibre cloth and will not scratch your screen everything else will

    I use this stuff all the time for my Tv, Computer, laptop etc you will love it

  3. XenonAudio says:

    Get you some big screen cleaner. Here’s a link…

  4. Justme says:

    I have used window cleaner on my big screen without doing any noticeable harm. I think that should only be a last resort though.

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