Faint buzzing sound from Rear Projection TV?

I have a Sony KF-55E200A TV (Rear projection) that uses a Sony XL-2400 lamp. The TV has been purchased recently and has run for around 100-200 hours.

I have recently started hearing a faint buzzing sound from behind the TV and seems to be more intense on the side of the lamp. I first thought it to be the fan sound. Today when I switched off the TV, I realized that the sound was related to the lamp somehow. As soon as I switched off the TV, the sound stopped. The fan was still working. The fans stopped after a couple of minutes.

What can be the cause of the sound? Is it something harmful? How to remove this buzzing sound?

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  1. agius1520 says:

    most electronics emit a faint buzzing sound, if it is very loud then it could be a problem with the lamp but if it is faint and doesn’t interrupt listening to the TV then it is normal.

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