Cobwebs in Toshiba projection screen TV?

I have a 57″ Toshiba projection screen tv with cobwebs and a dead spider on the screen. How do I get them out? The place we bought the TV from is out of business now. Any help is appreciated!

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3 Responses to “Cobwebs in Toshiba projection screen TV?”

  1. PrinceGster says:

    Just take out the screen border then remove the screen gently and clean it from inside. Then put it back.

  2. Fred F says:

    Remove the back and see if you can reach the spider webs.

    Every set has it’s own way of removing the front screen. Look it over very carefully and you might see how.

    Handle with care. The plastic screens are expensive and have to be replaced just like they came off.

  3. shidhet says:

    You have to open the back… Clean the lenses, mirror and inside of the screen periodically (every year or two). Shouldn’t cost you too much to have a repair service do it if you’re not up to trying it yourself.

    Most of the sets I’ve seen (and the Hitachi rear projection I own) require going through an access panel on the back of the set and the front screen couldn’t be removed from the ouside. Some may be built differently though…

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